Minesweeper Collective are working closely with artists, musicians and independent businesses  supplying quality designs and garment printing for them. Our aim is to provide the cheapest ‘Low-Runs’, as we are only printing runs under 100 units at a time.

Please take some time to read further about our services:
Prices are per print. The added cost for the garments is not included in the following Printing Price List.
Customer’s own garments will be printed at the prices below.
Should you require Garment Supply from us, we would add the cost of the garments to these prices.
We will ensure that your choices from our range are both of the required quality and cost-effective.
The following Printing Price List is degressive, meaning that the price is reducing by gradual amounts, depending on the quantities that you order.
We charge £30 for each screen (colour/layer) regardless of quantity, then add the following on top to customise your quote:

100 Prints from £150

75 Prints from £130

50 Prints from £100

25 Prints from £70

10 Prints from £50

1 Print from £15

These Printing Prices are for one design in one colour, printed once on the garment.
For printing a design including more than one colour, £30 is added per additional colour.
Additional costs apply for printing a design more than once on a single garment ( i.e. Design same printed front AND back ).

All our prices are industry competitive and a share from each given to our project.

Should you require postal delivery, that is added to the price, however we happily offer free collection or personal drop-off within the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Lewisham.


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The Minesweeper Collective Limited is a registered Co-operative Consortium model business.