Minesweeper at Exploding Cinema

A Minesweeper film has been selected for the Exploding Cinema Disposable film Show on Saturday 1st October at the Cinema Museum in London.

Here is a full list of the films to be shown.

Animation DreamClockwork Clem Nash
Ice Cream Monster Jessica Bishopp
Molecular beats C2 Debra Fear
Oliver: Mega Wolf Molly Brown
Gardens are great Millad Khonsorkh
Leaving Prague Stefan Szczelkun
Hurricane George Jamie H Scrutton
Do you want to shine my boots? Sarahjane Swan
Mente Viviana Di Capua
Amsterdam Experimental Sian Williams
The Divide Mary Martins
Improvisation study no. 1 Peter Gomes
Untitlable 2016 Ben Slotover
146 Films Sean Reynard
New Reflections Minesweeper

More info at:

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      Twitter:   @ExplodingCinema

      website:    www.explodingcinema.org