about us

minesweeper collective is a great place for players, where you can have fun with friends, eat well and watch reports from broadcasted esports tournaments.

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It is more than an internet cafe. 200 square meters of space will be occupied by 10 gaming computer units, 10 monitors with a diagonal of 34 ″ LG34UC97G, and in addition, we will find the latest Xbox One consoles, board games and a zone for esports fans, where you can sit down and watch international tournaments. There will be plenty of high-quality TVs and projectors.

The pub for players is to stand out with an interesting style and atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. It is to attract amateur players and professional players. This place is prepared for all people who love computer entertainment. Everyone will find something for themselves, because the owners have prepared a lot of attractions for all visitors. You can play new publications, chat with your peers, watch CS and LoL matches, and when you get hungry, just go to the bar and order delicious snacks. In addition, the authorities intend to organize cyclical tournaments, events in which well-known esports players, youtubers and streamers from all over the UK will take part.

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