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  Minesweeper Collective has reclaimed an historical ex-military vessel and transformed it into a floating art laboratory. We are a co-operative structure specialising in creating collaborative artwork. We run a screen-printing studio and an art gallery. We organise creative workshops and live music events. Our printing studio is accessible on certain days for beginners to learn about the process of screen printing their own designs. You can also choose to place an order with us for printing quantities of goods at competitive prices.


  The Minesweeper was once H.M.S. LEDSHAM M2706, Ham-class, ex-Navy wooden vessel constructed in 1954. In 2003, it became a space to host local events but a fire damaged the stern drastically in 2008. In 2012, we started rebuilding crucial parts of the hull, with massive involvement from volunteers and local ship-builders. During this period, we have been able to host cultural events again and create a new screen-printing studio aboard the ship. This additional working space has enabled us to start developing links with local businesses and the community.

Today, Minesweeper Collective is:

  • a design studio delivering screen-printing onto garment.

  • a monthly art group show featuring an array of talented work.

  • an affordable session, twice a week, if you would like to learn how to screen-print and use our studio.

  • a unique full-on project and fully supportive, legendary art floating lab.

  • a space to work in residence towards creating collaborative artwork and events.

For all of the above as well as for the darker areas that remain unlit by such a short description of a highly active community, join our mailing list or contact us directly at: