The MINESWEEPER COLLECTIVE has grown on what was once H.M.S. LEDSHAM M2706, a HAM CLASS EX-NAVY wooden vessel constructed in 1954. In 2003 it became a space to host local events but in 2008 a fire damaged the stern. Since then we have repaired and rebuilt crucial parts of the boat as we keep up with renovation work. On this process a Screen Printing Lab has been added in the main hull, a Cafe operates regularly and a hosting space has been created for resident artists.


 We are creative individuals working together in a co-operative structure towards our main specialties that you could easily get involved with: Screen Printing and Events Hosting. Whether it is that you want to learn screen printing for your own designs/goals or you want to commission our Lab with a print job. We will deliver your special edition on your selected material (paper, garments, etc.) in a timely and professional way.


 By keeping our one foot in commercial Screen Printing paint buckets we balance creativity with running art exhibitions on the other foot. It is not to say that we walk clumsily but rather that we welcome creative input and inspiration across a range of local and international artists. Should you be the one next exhibit themselves (sic) at our monthly Art Exhibition at Undercurrents Gallery – Deptford ?

 For all of the above but mainly for the darker areas that remain unlit in such a short description of a highly active community of pirates, join our mailing list or contact us directly at: